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Vivian Rodgers

Vivian Rodgers-Hill
Creative Enterprise Owner
Lady V’s 2ndtimearound Inc.

In 2014, Vivian Hill launched Lady V’s 2ndTimeAround, Inc., a pop-up blend of vintage fashion, image empowerment, celebrating her own bold and personal style and sharing it with others. After retiring from her career as an educator ( Principal& Assistant Principal, Teacher), she was driven to sharpen her skills in business and fashion. She completed two certificate programs from Fashion Institute of Technology: Image Consultant and Creative Enterprise Ownership C.E.O.

Lady V’s 2ndTimeAround Inc. has been featured in; Women’s World Daily, @50Bold web magazine, Queens Courier, and at events such as Circle of Sisters, and Vintage Clothing Shows throughout the Tri-State area. Her collection was featured in the October 2017 Program of the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show.

In 2017 Lady V trained in Florida and San Diego to become a licensed Heal Your Life® coach. Using the philosophy of the Grandmother of affirmations Louise Hay, Vivian combines her talents as a Workshop Leader, and Coach to produce Heal Your Life® events for students, women and men around the world.“The Lady V Experience”, creates an atmosphere that amps up confidence, fashion’s minds, and teaches people to use affirmations to live their best lives.