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Red, Red Red (Original Fine art)


This is a Abstract 36″ x 48″ painting created by Kortez. The design is a original base on a series called “Her First Movement” which was created during early 2019 while the artist was courting his now wife. Their relationship inspired the artist to take a new direction with his art and 5 canvases were created because of it. The artist states he was imagining his art on silk scarves and during this period Kortez and his then girlfriend collaborated on fashion for a NY Fashion week show for Planet fashion TV. The two have collaborated on a number of fashion pieces and has since opened up the House of BAV as a vehicle to promote and sell their creations.

This painting is part of that story and represents their love and admiration for each other and their love of art and fashion. Variations of this painting can also be created to fit your lifestyle. Contact us and lets begin the process. Please note that shipping is not included on oversized canvases (anything over 24″ x 24″ doesn’t include free shipping).

Additional information

Weight 170 oz
Dimensions 36 × 1.5 × 48 in

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