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“Adventures in Attitudes”


“Adventures in Attitudes” is a 36″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas and the title is taken from a seminar my Father used to run back in the 80’s. I’ve been realizing how much my Father has influenced me as an artist and I’m going to continue to pay homage to him. I was always making note of my Mother’s influence on my art and that was because my Mother and I were very close. Since she transitioned before my Dad, it was very natural for me to focus on her since she was no longer here before my Father.

With that said, my Dad was very important to my creative development. This painting many have told me looks like water. That is ironic because my Father was a marine biologist and used to create abstract drawings based on single cell organisms. If U look closely, one can see what looks like a bunch of organisms or water. Thats the voodoo happening and the connection to my Dad is part of it. This painting is avaible for sale and U can find out more about my career as an artist at This painting doesn’t include shipping cost. Standard shipping rates will be added to the price. We will deliver if the address is considered local or within the Tri State  NY, NJ PA area.

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