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Big Mama (Acrylic on Canvas)


Big Mama is a 10″ x 14″ Acrylic on Canvas that I created early in my career. One of the dead give a ways is the fact that I still signed the back of the canvas as Christopher Robinson. Early on I really wasn’t sure about using “Kortez” and I also got a lot of flack from my Father about not using my real name and also he had issues with my desire to be a graf artist. Although I thougnt the painting was’nt signed on the front, U can see my signature faintly on Big Mama’s right hip. With that being said, this is a rare treasure since the painting has both names Kortez and Christopher Robinson. This will be a collectors favorite years from now and House of BAV is making this available to the public today.

Big Mama
10″ x 14″
Acrylic on Canvas

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