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What is House of BAV?

The House of BAV is an extension of Born Again Vintage, the sustainable fashion brand that has pioneered upcycled fashion worldwide via the book;
Born Again Vintage 25 ways to deconstruct, reinvent & recycle your wardrobe, classes at Fashion Institute of Technology and IFA Paris and implementing sustainable fashion initiatives in secondary educational institutions. The store will house all things sustainable and will be the nucleus of the Arts and Cultural community of East Orange, New Jersey. 

House of BAV will offer seminars and workshops that focus on spreading sustainable fashion awareness and sell moderate to high end products that cater to a sustainable lifestyle.

What makes the House of BAV so special?

Outside of the one of kind couture collection offered by Born Again Vintage, House of BAV will showcase 3 featured designers every 3 months, as well as, Visual Artists. Our featured Visual Artist will be Kortez, the formidable artist from New Jersey who’s unbound talent creates hypnotic abstracts to thought provoking media collages. Our featured designers will provide carefully curated high end, exclusive, sustainable products, in addition to staple products that everyone could afford.